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E-Design Client

“Thank you Smart Playrooms — this is WOW! So impressive. Really appreciate all of the detail, links, clarity, flexibility, etc. and especially appreciate you getting it to us so quickly. We look forward to surprising the boys with the concept and taking our time implementing it. We bought a few things for them already- will be such a fun project to tackle this winter”

Pavel and Zora


“We’ve had a fantastic experience with Smart Playrooms! Karri and her team helped us transform an empty basement into a dream playroom and activity space. The process was intuitive and simple. Karri brought in her vision, ideas and experience to help us imagine several different activity areas. She then developed a detailed design proposal, helped us purchase all the components and introduced us to a great team of contractors who built up the entire space in just a few weeks. Karri’s team then also helped us organize and decorate it. The final product exceeded our expectations. Our kids love their new tree house, arts and crafts area, climbing obstacle course and swings. The entire family enjoys coming together in our new space nearly every night playing a friendly game of basketball, foosball or ping pong. We’ve received a lot of compliments for our new basement space from all of our guests, adults and kids alike. We thank Karri and her entire Smart Playrooms team for a job well done!”

Elizabeth Cipolla


“Fabulous all around! Karri has a gift at understanding the developmental needs and play interests of kids of all ages. She designs fun spaces that encourages kids to get off their ipads and enjoy toys again. She thinks deeply about how to incorporate creative play, fine motor play, and active play into one well designed, beautiful space.”

Jennifer Drum


“We are delighted to have Smart Playrooms, put their unique stamp on our kids’ playroom space. They were easy to work with, and receptive to our needs, with the result being a multi-zone, functional happy space, that’s both inspirational and magical.”

Emily P.


“Kari and her team exceeded our expectations! They did a fantastic job renovating our little playroom — it feels like a completely transformed space! We enjoyed working with this team from start to finish — they were always super responsive and took the time to make sure every detail suited our needs. I would highly recommend working with Kari’s suggested contractor if you need any construction to be done — Reinaldo was prompt, courteous and clean, and he made sure to run decisions by me throughout the project. This is a wonderful team and we could not recommend them highly enough!”

Cristina Connor


“Our experience with Smart Playrooms exceeded our very high expectations. From the beginning, working with Karri was such an incredible experience. She is kind, thoughtful, creative, detail-oriented yet easy-going, and just has the most amazing vision and talent when it comes to creating custom spaces that foster children’s happiness and development! Our new playroom has already and will continue to bring our kids so much joy in the years in come, while also helping them grow and learn to their full potential! From Cooper climbing in his jungle gym, cooking in his kitchen, or drawing in his art corner, to Cody drumming on his stage, reading a book in his fort, or learning to build on the lego wall, our transformed basement is a dream come true! Their friends are benefitting from it too, as are mom & dad (we can take a break and sit on the comfy, well-positioned couch and just enjoy watching the boys play together). Thank you Karri and team for everything!!!”

Maureen Stanley


“We loved working with Smart Playrooms for our basement renovation! Karri and her team helped create an amazing “Ninja Room” for our children. From the initial meeting to the design process to the finished project, it was a pleasure to work with Karri. She was super friendly, very knowledgable, made thoughtful and informed suggestions and we trusted her throughout the entire process. We highly recommend Karri and Smart Playrooms for any project...your children will thank you for years to come!”

Steve Prince


“My wife and I found Carri’s website, contacted her, and enjoyed a thoroughly wonderful experience working with her. She quickly and efficiently helped us define what would be most appropriate for the interests and ages of our various grandchildren and developed a plan to transform our basement into several well-defined play areas to address those. Once the plan was agreed on, Carri supplied a detailed Keynote presentation with links to websites where we could see and order all the necessary supplies and accessories to activate her plan. Carri also worked with us and our contractor to ensure that the construction work we agreed on would yield the proper results. We couldn’t be more pleased with Carri’s attention to our needs and the ease of working with her and recommend her highly.”

Karen Beatty


“Smart Playrooms did an excellent job designing, executing and finishing our playroom. Karri was there every step of the way, thinking about all the things that never would have crossed my mind. The playroom is a HUGE hit in our family and the kids love being there. What a change from our previous space!”

Alexa Maddock


“Smart Playrooms did a wonderful job from start to finish to reinvigorate our play room. They evaluated my current possessions, suggested what to add and what to delete and provided great insights to make it more welcoming for my girls (ages 7 &9) to go up and play in the room by themselves and to use the room once again. My favorite part was seeing the presentation they provided on how to lay out the space and what items they suggested to acquire and what to repurpose. I am vey happy with the final product.”

Katherine Pearle


“I have been working with Karri and her team at Smart Playrooms on various projects over the past 8 years. She has organized and designed my childrens’ rooms, playrooms, mudrooms and even my garage. Most recently, she helped me turn my basement into the ultimate play space for my 4 children. We now have monkey bars, ninja bombs, floor mats, climbing ropes, a cool net and wall pads! So, the kids can now have fun and build strength at the same time.Karri is extremely knowledgeable, efficient, fun and kind. She knew everything about all the best equipment for the play space. I always enjoy working with her and her amazing team!! I highly recommend Smart Playrooms!!”

Jane W.


“Karri and Chris are absolutely wonderful. They have helped me several times over the past few years and they were able to turn a bunch of toys in bins into the most amazing playroom. Our whole family loves it - everything is organized and accessible, just like a classroom. They have so much knowledge about what kids actually play with - and how to get them to be creative. We are so thankful to have found them and we will continue to use them as the playroom evolves with our growing family.”

Hillary Corbin


“Working with Karri at Smart Playrooms was a great experience. As a project manager in the construction business, I know a great teammate when I work with one! Karri was prompt, organized and, most importantly, creative! I tasked her with creating a physical space for my three girls — an indoor playground. She wow’ed me with her design, laid out pricing and options succinctly and our execution was a natural and easy collaborative effort. I would highly recommend Smart Playrooms and especially Karri’s creative genius behind an indoor physical space for my girls! They use their “gym” now daily!”

Louise Tolmie


Having moved from a home with an abundance of outdoor space and places to explore, we wanted to ensure that, in our new home, our two boys had a play space that provided them with an opportunity to be active and imaginative. Karri and Chris overachieved with their vision—while keeping in mind budgetary issues and child safety—and the outcome could not be more perfect. The first thing my boys ask when they wake is always, “Can we go upstairs to the playroom?”

Rami H.


“Karri and Chris went out of their way to make sure all our crazy ideas were addressed and seriously considered. They put a lot of time into making sure our 18-month old daughter’s bedroom/playroom came out to be perfectly suited for her interests! Our daughter can now freely and safely have pretend play-time, do her arts and crafts and easily pick her favorite book for night-time reading. Their handy-man and contractor are extremely professional and leave the place spotless once they’re done with the work. Couldn’t have asked for anything better!”



“We would highly recommend Smart Playrooms! Karri and Chris are two amazing women - creative, efficient and so nice to work with. They have a great eye and know how to create a very engaging space for kids of all ages. We have 4 young children (1,3,5,7) and our 7 year old had stopped going down to our basement because of the clutter amidst a sea of toys that she had outgrown. Thanks to Smart Playrooms, she is in the playroom almost every day now. I will certainly have them back in a few years to revamp the space as the kids get older as well.”

Ciara Tricket


“Our basement is AMAZING! Thank you Smart Playrooms! Karri and Chris were so great in helping create a space that works so well for our family. We have three pre-teens and a 4 year old; they have made the basement a great place for all of them. My 4 year old has a great space for creative play and my pre-teens have a cool zone where they can move around and then a great area to ‘chill’ with their friends. When we met, Karri and Chris talked about creating a space that was ‘purposeful’. I truly believe they accomplished that; the basement is organized and not overwhelming. My kids love hanging out there and I LOVE hearing them enjoy the space. Thanks again, Karri and Chris”

Anne Kaufman


“Smart Playrooms did an amazing job transforming our basement into an organized, fun playroom that my son never wants to leave! Every step of the process from the initial meeting through the brainstorm and installation was a great experience and a true pleasure to work with Karri and Chris. I highly recommend them and couldn’t be happier with their work!”

Paul & Paula


“Kari and Chris completely transformed our children’s play areas (5 separate rooms including the bedrooms). Not only was our house more organized, it started all 3 children - ages 8, 6, 18 months - playing more independently. Karri and Chris provided truly smart ideas for simple furniture and wall accessories to help organize and make toys accessible - and at smart price points. The “I’m bored” whining vanished from our house as their existing toys became much more accessible and independent play took over.

Working with Karri and Chris has proven to be the best investment we have made in a long time.”

Nicky Hilton


“I loved working with Smart Playrooms to renovate our play space. They have the most amazing vision and talent when it comes to creating custom spaces that foster children’s happiness and development.They also developed a plan to transform the playroom into several well-defined areas. Our new playroom has already and will continue to bring our kids so much joy in the years to come.”