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Smart Playrooms + D2 Interieurs

Led by award-winning designers Denise Davies and Karri Bowen-Poole, together they create dynamic, colorful and educational play spaces. Denise and Karri forge a perfect balance between form and function.

The goal of every playroom is the belief that good design evokes creative and open-ended play. The resulting environments are colorful, captivating, imaginative and educational.

Denise and Karri bring their respective areas of expertise in a wide range of residential and commercial projects. Denise is known for her fresh, modern and perfectly current approach to interior design and creating amazing kids spaces. She has a thoughtful and brilliant approach to color. Karri is known for her extensive background in education and knowing just how kids play. Karri is sought after for creating unique educational learning spaces that inspire creativity and a love of learning for all children.